Xprtin Services

Xprtin provides a professional and social networking platform with value added features. This platform provides quality Video chat / Conference and Text Chat service, without need of installing or downloading any software. This platform gives  access to connect with friends, colleagues, peer and professionals as per individual's flexibility. Xprtin is a kind of social network service that is solely dependent on interactions and relationships of personal, business as well as non-business interactions. The professional network can be used by business ,technical individuals to establish and maintain professional contacts. This can be used to find work or get ahead in career as well as gain resources and opportunities for networking.


Professional Networking Services

Simple and easy steps in creating professional profile. Enhance effective network by connecting with experts, business professionals and social people by showcasing  expertise and experience by uploading resume or any relevant value additions. Connect with old friends, colleagues and build network as this nurtures social and professional relationships.





One to One chat Instant text messages

Invite friends, colleagues and professionals and start using Instant Chat. Who's Online list will automatically display all member's, who are online and offline and a single click will enable  to start chatting in real time. Edit the text with the color of one’s choice to stand out.   



Video Chat

Xprtin gives the liberty to join video meetings from desktop, mobile phone and tablet (upcoming). Broadcast one's video and exhibit / make presentation to multiple viewers at once on real time basis.

All what is needed is device and a webcam with microphone to start real time online conversation.



Interaction with people on secured password protected chat-room to ensure privacy of meeting. Conduct multiple live meetings and conference to ease business connectivity.



Documents and Files

Sharing of files and presentations is possible without disrupting ongoing conversation. Whether its Live Conference or Group chat or One-on-One interaction, file sharing is made easy with simple steps.




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