A must for becoming a successful entrepreneur

30 May 2016    

1. Thinking big, thinking differently. 2. Continual improvement 3. Primary Focus on customer satisfaction. 4. Always analyzing the movement of the market. 5. Being positive and creating a positive surrounding. 6. Reading from various resources. 7. Good rapport building with all. ... Read More

Xprtin.........facing challenges

18 May 2016    

How can the right talent be acquired? How can the right profile be selected for the particular job description? How can the attrition rate be predicted? How can the training needs be identified? How employee sentiment can be analysed? Xprtin has come up with an idea to implement talent analytics (Predictive modelling in HR). .....coming soon ... Read More

Employee Referrals - Great way to get new hires

17 May 2016    

According to shine.com survey, HR department in many organizations use social media networks to scout for talent and fill vacancies. About 42% participants said their companies used social media all the time while 32% said it was used sometime. Survey found that, HR made an effort to retain talent resigning from the organization. Most participants i.e. 35%, said their HR departments did not reach out to former employees while 33% replied in affirmative. Link... Read More

Decline in salary hike for freshers in Indian IT companies

29 April 2016    

Fresh graduates who are finding it increasingly tough to land a job in India’s $160-billion IT industry with each passing year due to lower levels of hiring, may have to deal with another disappointment this year – their starting salaries are unlikely to see a spike anytime in the near future and will largely remain stagnant at their decade-old levels. Read More... Read More

E-Commerce in India is still a Boom.....

24 April 2016    

For Indians online shopping is a pretty new thing. People are slowly getting the real feel of shopping by a single click. Initially they were not ready to buy without having the real look and feel of the product but slowly they are gaining confidence. Now buyers and sellers both the parties are finding the advantages of buying and selling through this medium. Buyers are getting multi brand items at a place in much cheaper rate than any local market. And sellers can sell in s... Read More

Content Analysis

21 August 2015    

Content analysis is a technique used to analyse communication. Its a quantitative description of the matter of communication. Content analysis in social media networking is the analysis of content shared by people. Analysis depends on the type of matter collected. If data is text content analysis is the best solution. If matter is image then photo content analysis is the right choic But analysing social media data is somewhat different from analysing traditiona... Read More

Analytical tool in Market Research

21 August 2015    

Before going for new product or service development the market research technique that should be used is Conjoint Analysis(Statistical Technique). It will help to find out the relative importance of attributes and attribute levels of product or services on consumer preference. In the process of doing conjoint, participants express their preferences on various attributes (e.g. brand, price, material, process) and their levels. Conjoint ultimately captures the custo... Read More

Blogging.....changed the entire world

21 August 2015    

Blogging changes your thought process. You become a better thinker and a better writer. Blogging helps you in communicating your social message to rest of the world. Once you become a successful blogger, you are known. It becomes like your business card. Blogging is a two way communication. You blog and your readers respond back. So connection is established.       ... Read More

Social CEO

20 August 2015    

A research was conducted with 630 professionals starting from Managers to C-suite(Excluding CEOs) regarding the growing trend of sociability of CEOs. Participants were from 10 different countries including North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Findings: Every organisation want their CEO to be socially active. CEOs social engagement is a must. Organisations reputation is positively impacted by CEOs sociability. Blogs written by CEOs magnify ... Read More

Social Media 2015

03 May 2015    

Social Media 2015   As per recent reviews and reports, it is found that people have gained interest more on social media tools for networking with people and be informative about latest trends. In past few years, people were using social media through their desktops and laptops. But as per recent survey, users have shifted to mobile devices such as tablets, phablets and smart phones. People are engaging themselves in more user friendly and increasing their onl... Read More