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Xprtin provides a professional and social networking platform with value added features. This platform provides quality Video chat / Conference and Text Chat service, without need of installing or downloading any software. This platform gives access to connect with friends, colleagues, peer and professionals as per individual's flexibility. Xprtin is a kind of social network service that is solely dependent on interactions and relationships of personal, business as well as non-business interactions. The professional network can be used by business ,technical individuals to establish and maintain professional contacts. This can be used to find work or get ahead in career as well as gain resources and opportunities for networking.

Business Networking

Networking made easy, with easy steps

One on One Chat

Who's Online list will automatically display their friends (or other online users) and a single click enables them to start chatting in real-time.

Video Conference

The simplest way to connect face to face. Leverage peer-to-peer technology to achieve high quality video conversations.

File Sharing

Allow your users to send files to each other using the file transfer facility.

Broadcast Video

Broadcast your audio/video to others directly on real-time basis.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing enables others to view your choice of screen size seamlessly.

Audio Chat

Audio Call enables you to have an audio call seamlessly.

Language Translator

Users can now type in English and convert the text to their native language. Over 20 languages to choose from .


Users can share thoughts by drawing on a collaborative whiteboard.


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Team Members

During study at IIM Calcutta, me (Prateek) and Manashi were discussing about the ways professional networking portal operate and the real challenges faced by end users in business network and in job search. There is lack of interactive features in the recruitment cycle for recruiters, management consultants and candidates. Also, online education will be scaling new heights with use of interactive feature, which can span to semi urban cities and rural areas as well. All these study and evaluation led us to form Xprtin.com

Shyamal Barua

Shyamal Barua


ISM Dhanbad

Prateek Barua

Prateek Barua

Chief Executive Officer

IIM Calcutta

Manashi Banerjee

P.R. Sarkar


Nishank Mathur

Nishank Mathur

Web Developer \ Designer

Neeraj Maurya

Neeraj Maurya

Web Developer


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